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Next May 17th marks 15 years of the victorious and invincible People's War in Peru, the blazing bonfire of armed rebellion, which is maintained against wind and tide, forming and opening the path of definitive and authentic liberation of our beloved and heroic people.

People's War watered with the blood of uncountable martyrs of the Party, the Army and the masses; which is waged for and persists in the conquest of Power, for the attainment of a new and true democracy, for a People's Republic of Peru in a first stage of the revolution and for the construction of Socialism in a second stage.

People's War which was prepared, initiated and led by our Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo; which is always supported by the masses of people, carried out by the People's Liberation Army and led by the Communist Party of Peru. The People's War of today, almost 15 years in development through campaigns and counter-campaigns of "encirclement and annihilation", the principal form of the Civil War, is being victoriously upheld despite the zig-zags or transitory reverses which have befallen; after all, this must necessarily unfold in a process of victories and reverses, but these reverses have been completely transitory and partial. It must be understood what Chairman Mao Tsetung taught: "Strategically speaking, there is a defeat only when a counter-campaign against 'encirclement and suppression' fails completely, but even then the defeat is only partial and temporary. For only the total destruction of the Red Army would constitute complete defeat in the civil war; but this has never happened." Thus the crowing and the dark and sinister dreams of imperialism, reaction and revisionism turn to smoke before the persistence of the heroic People's War which now finds itself leaving its difficult and complex bend in the road, but which will necessarily triumph.



Thus, from the outset of greeting this new anniversary of the invincible People's War we wish to reaffirm ourselves in its ideological and political foundation, the point of departure of all our actions, the Basis of Party Unity with its three elements: 1) Ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought. 2) The Program; and 3) The General Political Line and its center the Military Line, approved by the First Congress of the Party, a Marxist Congress, a Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought Congress. Such a reaffirmation is necessary today more than ever because we face, not only in our country but at a world level, a sinister general counter-revolutionary offensive commanded by imperialism, reaction and revisionism. Concretely, because of what pertains to our Party, a new litter of shameful partisans of a revisionist and capitulationist Right Opportunist Line (ROL) has rabidly surged forward who are totally and completely negating the Basis of Party Unity. Nursed by and sponsored by the armed forces and the puppet Fujimori they have cackled from their rat-holes for the realization of a so-called "Second Congress..." to revoke the first, belching out that there "the struggle" for a Peace Accord with the genocidal country sellers is going to be defined, thus endorsing the dark hoaxes of "surrender" and "repentance" of their masters and trafficking with the name of Chairman Gonzalo.

We repudiate and condemn these miserable rats, groveling "wanna be chiefs" who have been incapable of sustaining a work-related accident, much less giving their lives for the Party and the Revolution. Today they sell themselves for a bowl of porridge, having sought to injure the morale of the class and the Party, but this they will never achieve.

These traitors, expressing their revisionist essence and splittist desires, have proven incapable of carrying out a debate and expounding their positions in the internal struggle. They have fled like cowards and from outside the ranks they have raised their dark and rotten banners, while their leaders hide themselves like shameful ostriches. Thus they have acted and act, trying to surprise the unwary; but we should know them well, because opportunists and revisionists have existed during the long years of Party life, but apparently never like these, such perfidious, traitorous and reptilian. They have reached the extreme of committing such a monstrous crime as having propitiated the arrest of our Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, and Comrade Mirian and other valuable leaders, cadre, militants, combatants and masses, many of which were assassinated as soon as they were arrested. But from now on we say to them that all the damage they have caused and continue to cause to the revolution will not remain with impunity; know that like their masters, they will pay with interest for all the crimes they have committed.

Finally, something more in this vein, all ready in the Third Plenum of the Central Committee Chairman Gonzalo warned us about the danger of a rise of a revisionist line, of which there were already indications it was being hatched, an opportunist line which would be opposed to the conquest of Power. He told us that if the Initiation of the Armed Struggle required a hard struggle against the ROL of these times, there was even better reason to think about an even greater struggle, an earth-shaking struggle, before an even greater leap, such as the conquest of Power. Events have once more proven him right, but what we have experienced has been their anticlimax, because this revisionist abortion has been incapable of sustaining ideological and political positions in the internal struggle and has simply split the Party with the help of the reaction itself and probable infiltrating agents, having bolted in a gallop after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo.



More and more it is confirmed that revolution is the principal tendency in the world, but this is concretized through twists and turns. The end of the so-called "cold war" with the drowning of Russian social-imperialism has not signified the "beginning of a new era of peace and stability" as imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, proclaims, repeating what the Chinese revisionists have been bringing up for years, and which is servilely repeated in our country by the reaction and the revisionists of the ROL. Rather it constantly proves that there is neither economic nor political stability anywhere, and that it is in the midst of wars of all types and a growing militarization that we attend the end of the 20th century.

There isn't even peace in Europe itself, where Yugoslavia continues to disintegrate with more than 200,000 dead in less than three years of war, while in Chechnya Russian imperialism continues to unfold a barbaric genocide; and what can be said about Rwanda, a backward country where over 500,000 died in only three months? And what happened to the "Peace" signed between Israel and the PLO with the endorsement of Yankee imperialism? To say nothing of the problems which are breaking out in Mexico, on the flank of the "international gendarme" itself, or the war between Peru and Ecuador, etc.

Essentially it is as Chairman Mao and the CPC said in the 1960s: Once more there is a great disorder under heaven, and on another side, a New Wave of the World Revolution has begun to unfold, and the Communist Parties must militarize and fulfill their role, putting Maoism in command and applying People's War to the conditions of their own countries.

In reference to the situation of our country: hunger, poverty, unemployment, repression, genocide, the sale of national sovereignty, etc.: these are only some of the calamities which are deepening to the highest degree because of the genocidal and country selling dictatorship, in reality headed by Hemoza Ríos, the apprentice of Pinochet, of which the puppet Fujimori only is a cheap and vulgar figurehead.

The problem is that on the one hand a revolutionary situation in development is being expressed, strengthened by the much better revolutionary conditions than in 1980 when the People's War was launched; and on the other hand, it shows once more that what Chairman Gonzalo and the Party established in the General Political Line is clearly being fulfilled, particularly with respect to the general crisis of Bureaucratic Capitalism and its inexorable process of decomposition. A very important question, even more so now that we have entered the second half of the decade in which, as in the previous ones, the critical state is necessarily aggravated. This is an objective situation which not only smashes to pieces the mind products of the genocidal gang about the "new Asian tiger" or the "Peruvian miracle", but also the shameless partisans of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL which cackle about how "bureaucratic capitalism is becoming viable". As always, they are confusing the appearance with the essence, thus seeking to fool our people by exalting what is no more than passing blossoms within the process of the inevitable drowning of bureaucratic capitalism.

Another aspect of the current situation is the realization of the forthcoming elections, which newly turn crucial for the reactionaries because they find themselves riddled with contradictions, particularly in the situation in which they carry out their three tasks, which have become bogged down. Thus, in the economic sphere the greatest general crisis in the history of the republic is unfolding and will continue to unfold, despite fleeting and limited recoveries, which don't even imply the overcoming of the recession nor inflation, to say nothing of unemployment, which as they themselves say "has reached historic levels." We can see how industry continues to decrease and the cost of living continues to rise, despite what the crafty conjurers of numbers say. Meanwhile agriculture continues its extreme prostration, made even worse by the millionaire shady deals in food imports done by those around the ruling clique. Furthermore, we all know that the foreign debt has grown under this government from $19 billion to over $25 billion. The ruling clique talks a lot about how "the economy is growing", but this is false the way almost everything they say is false because this government has made cynicism and lies the norm in its actions. Growth is not the demagogic and electorally motivated misconstruction of schools for students and teachers with empty stomachs, to say nothing of the extremely high indicators of truancy reached under this government; growth is not repairing roads nor opening a few trails with borrowed dollars for which high interest will have to be paid to imperialism; growth is not depredating the Peruvian sea to benefit the entourage of a voracious clique; nor is growth the cheap selling off of state enterprises in order to practically give them away to imperialist capital, firing thousands of workers with the further aggravation of not settling accounts with anyone about the money from that sale.

Regarding the restructuring of the old state, towards the end of 1990 Chairman Gonzalo and the Central Committee of the Party said that the government in office was unfolding a process of absolute centralization and presidential absolutism obliged by the People's War and in accordance with their counter-subversive war. Today everyone is talking about this like a broken record, "forgetting" what the Party said in 1990. On April 5, 1992 a coup d'etat took place as part of this reactionary process and specifically as a response to the Strategic Equilibrium reached by the People's War, putting in action a sinister plan launched by imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism and its followers. This coup was commanded by a military clique with Hermoza at its head and as always carried out by the genocidal and country selling armed forces. And once more we have seen how they trample on their own constitution and all legal order to better serve their counter-revolutionary war, adopting positions which are more and more clearly fascist. Thus we have witnessed for the umpteenth time at a shameless electoral fraud manipulated by the dictatorship to approve one of the most reactionary and retrograde constitutions in the history of the Peruvian state, in such a way that although the previous one was questioned by Tyrians and Trojans alike, the current one is even worse. Now in the pre-election contention, we see the announcements by the representatives of the diverse groups of the factions of the big bourgeoisie who say that if they are elected they will modify it anyway.

And what have they done with their so-called "judicial power" and their judicial order? Desperate and terrified in the face of the advance of the People's War, not only have they made a clean slate of their own so-called "universal" judicial principles, but they have reached the point of denying the right to defense and have annulled by decree the non-retroactive character of their laws. They have approved the sentencing of minors, condemned freedom of opinion and thought by punishing apology for "terrorism" etc., to say nothing of their Draconian military tribunals where the genocidals are not content to be judges and parties, but also act as magistrates. These dark uniformed men know as much about law as a butcher would know about sculpture, where the norm is a life sentence to whomever falls into their hands. The violation of their judicial order is so serious that even the UN, a procuress for imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, has had to recommend they moderate their barbaric atrocities a bit.

Thus, merely by looking at these questions in the problem of restructuring we can say without fear of mistake that this other reactionary task has become bogged down.

Regarding the reactionary's third task of annihilating the People's War, they have crowed victory too soon with that fatuous triumphalism which characterizes them, even giving a date for its demise. But in this matter as in many others, they have mistaken from beginning to end, because the People's War continues its unstoppable march after having resisted a sinister offensive carried out throughout the country. An offensive unleashed since the April 5th coup, conceived and planned by Yankee imperialism itself within their so-called "Low Intensity Warfare" strategy, as a response to the Strategic Equilibrium to be played as one of their final cards before intervening more directly, and carried out by the genocidal and country selling armed forces. It is in this form that they order the mobilization of thousands of troops which had been deployed on the frontier, putting the national sovereignty at grave risk, in order to launch them on each campaign of "encirclement and annihilation" against the Support Bases and the Guerrilla Zones, utilizing not only 120mm mortars and heavily armed helicopters but also light artillery used in conventional warfare, such as cannons with a 12Km range and bombs dropped from combat airplanes. At the same time in the cities they lashed out with a fierce repressive manhunt, rounding up hundreds of the sons and daughters of the people which they jailed, after torturing and harassing them. Once more they vomited their genocidal guts, beginning by gorging themselves on May 9, 1992 with the Prisoners of War, carrying out cowardly and merciless massacre. This time the mass graves and the disappearances, like the "la Cantuta" case, were carried out in their own capital, which clearly demonstrated that this dictatorship is more genocidal than that of Belaúnde and García Pérez. Furthermore, they have accompanied this genocide with crafty "psychological warfare" hoaxes, promoting capitulation old tricks of mainly Yankee imperialism, launching grotesque farces which have blown up in their faces as was already demonstrated in December 1993 with the earth-shaking and powerful celebration of the Chairman Mao Tsetung centennial, of which we will only say as proof that in Lima alone 16 car bombs were detonated that month. All of this is aside from the well-known actions for population control through the formation of "mesnadas", increased use of informers, and supposed "intelligence" and "civic action" activities which were already being launched and which they intensified.

Thus, against all this sinister offensive and against all the crowing and dark forecasts, the People's War and the Strategic Equilibrium continue their course. If this were not the case one should ask why no important occasion passes in which Pinochet's apprentice or the puppet Fujimori or some thread of "senderologists", reactionaries, revisionists, opportunists, hacks or even informer priests or promoters of genocide like Cipriani, Durand, or Vargas Alzamora among others, don't have to talk about the so-called "terrorism" or about "pacification." But if they talk so much about how "they have pacified the country", why do they maintain the state of emergency in more than 50% of the national territory? Why do they keep sending thousands of their armed forces to the so-called "counter-subversive bases"? Why have they enrolled and continue to enroll and arm under threat of death thousands of peasants in the so-called peasant "rondas"? And why do they continue to fill the prisons with hundreds of the sons and daughters of the people under suspicion of being a "terrorist"?

It is because the People's War persists and will continue to persist, and although it has had temporary and partial setbacks it will achieve its glorious objectives demolishing the Yankee strategy of the so-called "Low Intensity Warfare" and whatever other strategy it will face, because it bases itself on the greatest ideology the world has seen, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought. It will succeed because there is a Party which leads it and animates it with a just and correct political line, because the masses of our people support it, watering it with their blood and sweat, because it is no more than the continuation of their struggle with arms in hand.

For all these reasons we affirm that the third task of the reactionaries, like the other two, has also become bogged down.

In synthesis we can see that bureaucratic capitalism has no way out, it will continue on its inexorable sinking and will be totally demolished in the midst of the genocide with which it defends itself like a mortally wounded beast. But for that very reason, these upcoming elections are turning crucial for the reaction, and particularly for the clique taking its turn who are desperate to remain in power, having made approving the "reelection" by any means necessary, now using a shameless fraud and even using the conflict with Ecuador to achieve their bastard objectives. And with respect to the so-called "Union Por el Peru" it doesn't lower the framework of the interests of the big comprador bourgeoisie either, since the little individual [referring to former UN General Secretary Javier Perez de Cuellar - trans.] which leads it is yet another known quisling of mainly Yankee imperialism. One only has to recall his ominous role in the UN against the oppressed nations, praising the monstrous imperialist genocide against Iraq and the Palestinian people, for example.

One problem that needs to be analyzed from the proletarian position, is the problem of our country's borders, because the conflict with Ecuador is only part of a very delicate situation which has been awfully handled by each successive reactionary government. On the other hand the reactionary armed forces have never defended either the national integrity or the national sovereignty, because they have always been experts in defeats as the loss of Arica and Tarapacá in the war with Chile or the despoilment of Trapecio de Leticia by Colombia has shown. It has always been the masses of people who were the real defenders of our national territory, and we must keep this truth in mind because it is once more being confirmed.

A factor which is being systematically swept under the rug in this problem is the ominous role of imperialism in general and Yankee imperialism especially, whose interests stir up this or that conflict at their convenience, and here it is present also, pulling the strings behind the scene like the grand puppeteer. In this respect, apart from the ever greater domination that it exercises with the foreign debt by way of the IMF, IDB, WB, etc., we must bear in mind the "advisory" role of the Yankee armed forces which from time to time send their hierarchs like that haughty chief of the Southern Command who came in November 1994 to control their lackeys. Furthermore, there is the permanent "training" of the genocidal hordes, and the insolent intervention of their ambassadors in all the internal matters of Peru, or the cheeky little individual Alexander Watson, secretary of inter-American affairs of the USA, who with total effrontery said that: "Fujimori is a good salesman of Peruvian products", which was taken as a eulogy by the puppet.

Today, Peru is at risk of losing a part of its territory once more due to the current dictatorship, because it is the most genocidal and country selling dictatorship we have seen to date. First they began by putting the Peruvian nationality up for sale for a few miserable dollars; later they offered South Korea a fringe of territory north of Lima; afterwards they turned over part of the national territory in the province of Ilo to Bolivia; then they offered Chile a series of concession in the so-called "Lima Convention", which was not signed because of popular outcry. Furthermore, with the so-called "privatization" they have begun to put on the auction block a series of state enterprises at bargain prices without caring that some are known as "strategic" like the petroleum or electrical industry, the latter even sold to Chilean capital. Who is doing all this? Imperialism behind the scenes and the genocidal and country selling armed forces, more directly with the clique headed by Hermoza Ríos, because it is they who are ruling the country since the coup d'etat of April 5, 1992. But this doesn't excuse the puppet Fujimori, because he gleefully dances to whatever tune his masters play for him.

In the case of Ecuador, everyone knows that the ruling classes of that country have systematically unfurled a policy of negating the "1942 Protocol", not recently but for some time. As far back as 1981, during the second government of Belaúnde, the "False Paquisha" incident occurred and they were dislodged from Peruvian territory, but the viceroy, far from demanding the demarcation of the 78 Km of the border which was pending, opted to look the other in order to leave a future card to play, which would give Yankee imperialism and Peruvian reaction an excuse to create problems for a people's government which could take power through the People's War. But it is during the current government that the genocidal country sellers consented that in 1991 Ecuador would invade Peruvian territory, and their only response was to reach a "gentleman's agreement", which obviously our neighbors took advantage of.

Furthermore, the same puppet was commissioned by those wearing the shroud [the military - trans.] to go to Ecuador and offer them a "sovereign" outlet to the Amazon region, as the ex-dictator of Ecuador Rodríguez Borja has said, even threatening his partner with publicizing the letters he received. To date the reptile hasn't even denied this, but even worse, in 1992 in order to unleash their sinister but doomed genocidal offensive against the People's War, they removed troops from the border leaving them stripped and leaving them at the mercy of any aggressor or invader. This is how the belly of these country sellers are, for them it is a thousand times preferable to see our country dismembered before losing their position as blood-suckers and oppressors of the people; and in saying this we refer not only to the guard dogs of the repressive forces, but also to their imperialists master, mainly Yankee, the big bourgeoisie and the feudal landlords.

Thus, by January 1995 the Ecuadorian armed forces had been occupying part of Peru's territory for some time, and had prepared ahead of time to face any effort to dislodge them. But, why did the genocidal and country selling dictatorship suddenly decide to unleash this conflict at that moment? Because the military clique sought to be "reelected" through the puppet Fujimori, but they were not certain of achieving it, and their problems have continued to grow and become aggravated as we have seen. Even worse, if we recall the results of the referendum where they almost suffered a serious setback, despite the open fraud they carried out by making the armed forces and police "vote" again, with thousands of "Identity and Electoral Cards" expedited by the National Election Board. Keep in mind also the problem of runaway corruption at their bosom, in which hundreds of officers including some even in their clique are compromised in the drug trade and even facing trials for that crime. Add to this the problems of the little puppet and his ex-consort, who aired out a lot of his dirty laundry: by keeping in mind all this and other questions we can understand the reasons for his desires. In this way the genocidal country sellers thought they could raise their stock in what doesn't belong to them and feigning to be what they are not, they went to action dreaming about an easy victory and in the worst case if they didn't get it they could launch a new hoax to try and fool the people. But like the experts in defeat they are, it has backfired and the hoax didn't convince anyone, beyond which the problem was aggravated and now they are stuck in a mess from which they cannot get out so easily because our people, today more conscious than before, will not allow themselves to be surprised or fooled.

In dealing with this problem we should bear in mind the words of Chairman Gonzalo in the Speech of September 1992 from prison:

"We clearly say that today the democratic road has begun to develop as a road of liberation, as a road of people's liberation!"

"We believe that the 18th century was a very clear lesson. Think about this. There was a dominator. It was Spain and where did that bloodsucking domination bring us? To a very profound crisis, as a consequence of which Peru, that at that time was a viceroyalty and today is our motherland, Peru was divided. From there come the origins of today's Bolivia. It is not our invention but facts."

"Fine, the last century, English domination. Where did their rivalry with France take us? To another big crisis: 70 of the past century. The result? War with Chile. We must not forget it! And what happened? We lost territory. Our nation suffered a schism despite the blood shed by heroes and the people. We must draw lessons from this!"

"The 20th century. How are we doing? In the 20th century we are dominated by imperialism, principally North American, this is real, everyone knows it and no one can silence it. And where has it brought us? Even without reminding the 1920's, here and now, to the worst crisis of the entire history of the Peruvian nation. Learning the lesson of past centuries, what can we think? Once more the nation is at risk, once more the republic is at risk, once more our territory is at risk. It can easily be lost, and by interests. That we have to se; that is the situation; that is where they have brought us. But we have a fact, a Peruvian revolution, a People's War that burns powerfully, that is advancing, and will continue to do so. Where have we gotten with this? To a Strategic Equilibrium! And we must understand this well. It is a Strategic Equilibrium! It solidifies itself in an essential situation. What have 12 years served for? To plainly show before the third world and principally before the Peruvian people, that the Peruvian state, the old Peruvian state, is a paper tiger that is rotten to the core. That has been proven!"

"Things being that way, let us think of the danger that the nation, that the country, can be divided, that the nation is at risk. They want to dismember it; they want to divide it. Who wants to do this? As always, imperialism, those who exploit, those who rule. And what should we do? What is corresponding? It is appropriate that we push forward the People's Liberation Movement and that we develop it through the People's War because the people, always the people, have been the ones who defend the country, who have defended the nation."

"It corresponds to form a People's Liberation Front, it corresponds to form and develop from the People's Guerrilla Army..."

And this is being accomplished, today, concretely, Ecuador remains ensconced in Peruvian territory and should be dislodged. Other borders are also in danger. Our people must remain alert.

The motherland is at risk and the only fitting thing is to defend it with guns in hand, but precisely because of this imperialism and reaction seek to annihilate the People's War, because it is the true barrier against their dreams and sinister appetites. Our people know that the only path is People's War to conquer the People's Republic of Peru, even more so in the current circumstances where they seek to sell our country to imperialism's and their lackeys capital, opening the black but real possibility of tearing it apart to benefit a clique and their cronies, who have no patriotic spirit whatsoever. Because of this it is confirmed that we have begun to unfold a path of people's liberation for the defense and liberation of our motherland.

Thus, in this complex national and international situation, it befalls to the Peruvian proletariat, as yesterday, to lead the revolution and guarantee its path through the Communist Party of Peru, because the Party is the detachment, it is the conscious and organized vanguard, it is the Leadership of the revolution, of the People's War. Some leaders, cadres or militants might be missing or even disappear, but even with the immense pain and consternation that this may cause, the duty and the obligation of the Party is to continue its unyielding battle, even if only one faction or in the final analysis only one Communist remained, they would have to fulfill their role, struggling to raise whatever new and better thing is needed, even more so with an invincible and all-powerful ideology, a proletariat and masses which generate everything, the revolution will necessarily advance and triumph. But these things are not new questions, they are old truths known by the International Communist Movement, but which today the rotten revisionism of the ROL again seek to twist and obscure in order to traffic and brood under the skirts of imperialism and reaction. Thus, cleverly using the problems which have occurred they have come to negate the role and capacity of the Party as the Leadership of the revolution. For this reason the Central Committee reaffirms itself in: The Communist Party of Peru, guiding itself with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, is a heroic combatant which leads and guarantees the path of the revolution!

It is within this framework that the tasks of the Party are being accomplished according to the agreements of the First Congress, the First, Second and Third Plenum, and the two Work Sessions of the Central Committee.

Since the problem of the internal struggle is a question of cardinal importance in Party life, it is relevant to add the following question: Revisionism is the principal danger for the Party and the Revolution, and for this reason it must be implacably combated and crushed. Our Party has purged itself but the struggle must continue, in the final analysis the armed struggle in our country would never have been initiated nor developed without first sweeping away the ROL of that time, and today we can say that without sweeping away the capitulationist and revisionist ROL totally and completely we could not conquer power countrywide. We know well that internal causes are definitive, and for that reason it should remain clear, that if the reaction could do some damage to the revolution in our country since 1992, it was because revisionism helped it, served it, it facilitated things. This is a very serious lesson which we must never forget. Therefore, if we totally sweep away revisionism and finish purging our ranks, embodying to the root the Basis of Party Unity in the midst of the People's War, we will be fortified and we will be invincible.

The People's War has not been detained for a moment no matter what the imperialists, the reactionaries, the revisionists or the traitors say. Already the celebration of the Chairman Mao Centennial throughout 1993, especially in December of that year, a celebration coordinated with the RIM, was earth-shaking and powerful, realized with successful armed actions. The reaction dreamed of conjuring it away by launching the hoax of the supposed "surrender", which exploded in their cynical faces. Subsequently the 2nd and 3rd campaigns of the 6th Military Plan have been unfolding successfully.

For all that has been said, the Central Committee calls on the Party, the combatants of the Peoples Liberation Army and the masses of the New State, and all our people to celebrate the XV Anniversary of the invincible People's War as is due.

Finally, in the face of the forthcoming reactionary elections, the only just and correct political line before this fraudulent process is to repudiate it applying the tactics of the boycott.






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March, 1995





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