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Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru

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[Prepared for the Internet by the Magazine Red Sun]




The current world situation continues to be marked, in the reactionary camp, by the malfeasances of imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism. Behind the rattles of a false peace it extends its tentacles; in an insolent and domineering manner it makes armed intervention in direct form or in collusion with others (U.N. "Peace Keepers") as their interests suit them. The international gendarme, Yankee imperialism, does this with arms in hand in Haiti or Yugoslavia, or through diplomatic treaties such as in the Middle East. Others act according to their interests and conditions, for example, Russia in Chechnya, etc.

The destiny of the Yankee imperialist superpower and others has been historically and politically defined. Nothing will save them from their downfall and complete collapse; they continue their decline and for that reason they return to raise the sleepless, bookish banners of the XVIII century in order to try to maintain their precarious situation. They have nothing new, complementing this with forming commercial blocs which imply struggles to widen markets which in turn leads, and will lead, to new wars.

Meanwhile, the revolutionary hill, despite what the imperialists and all the reactionaries say, continues to be the principal tendency more and more. All kinds of struggles in many places are developing, and their perspective is a greater increase. For their part the masses of the world clamor for revolution; they need Communist Parties with Maoism in command and wielding People’s War to spearhead them in the great, heroic and transforming deeds for the triumph of Communism across the face of the Earth.


National Political Situation

In spite of the demagogy, lies, fraud and hoaxes, what is real and objective is that bureaucratic capitalism has no way out. It is going from bump to bump. In the economy they acknowledge that "officially, there are problems again". According to their own figures on growth in the first trimester of 1996, inflation is back on the rise and unemployment is breaking all records, which confirms what Chairman Gonzalo and the Party said, that in the second half of each decade their economic crises sharpen and they sink even more (*).

And what is the perspective? According to various well-known economists, "this year is a hard one, and maybe the next one will be too." This government, like its predecessors, said: "sacrifice yourself for a new morning," but the better morning never arrives and the present day gets worse and worse.

Meanwhile, politically the current government goes from crisis to crisis, trying in vain to hide its fascist, genocidal and country-selling nature. More and more it reveals the pus that corrodes them to the very marrow, such as the narco-trafficking which compromises them up to the very top leaders of their reactionary armed forces.

On the other hand the more they crow about pacification "the more the armed actions explode in their face and in their hands".

The democratic path, the path of the people, is today overcoming the difficult and complex bend in the road by way of the reactivation of the revolutionary situation in keeping with the Party’s New Military Plan. The struggle of the proletariat and different sectors of the people, which has been newly kindled, are favoring the development of the People’s War. Our People don’t need and don’t want crumbs administered by the genocidal hordes in "Civic Action" campaigns, whose objective is to manipulate the masses by taking advantage of hunger and misery that the old state subjects them to. Our people need a new society where they can satisfy their needs with dignity with their own hands and by their own efforts.

Concerning Camisea’s project. It should be made very clear that in no way can it be a historic event the way the fascist, country-sellers say, as they sign a contract that once again hands over our natural wealth to the voracity of an imperialist consortium for 40 years, so that as always they can take the best part and leave us with scraps.


On the application of the New Plan of "Overcome the bend in the road, developing the People’s War!" In general our Party led by the Central Committee and guiding itself with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, is successfully completing through hard struggle the New Plan of "Overcome the bend in the road, developing the People’s War!" In the midst of the campaigns of encirclement and annihilation and counter-campaigns, combating the so-called "low intensity warfare."

Particularly in the Principal Regional Committee, the application of the first part of the plan of military operations leaves us with a very positive result. Its repercussions and the perspectives opening are very good.

We must keep in mind the advances gained in our military operations.

Also it is necessary to overcome errors and limitations such as the underestimation or overestimation of the enemy; to see objectives and apply them as corresponds to the grand strategic conception; don’t tactically belittle the enemy, not even the mesnadas, so that we may defeat them piece by piece.


With respect to the three instruments. We must always highlight the leading role of the Party, never forget that without the ideological and political leadership of the proletariat through its Party, neither the peasantry nor the people can advance or achieve victory. Chairman Gonzalo teaches us to forge ourselves as peasants with proletarian minds. There is a need for meetings of different levels and especially of Leadership, because this is key.


Two-line struggle. We continue to combat the revisionist and capitulationist Right Opportunist Line, and will do so until it is thoroughly and completely swept from our ranks…


In mass work. We are advancing step by step in mobilizing and winning the masses, but it is only the beginning of a difficult task. The attitude of the masses is positive. We must always keep in mind that the reactionaries have the slogan of isolating us from the masses and they use every method to do so, from deceiving them to repression, using blackmail and manipulation as needed. For these reasons the contest is hard and will remain so. Errors we have committed in the past have caused great harm and have been used by the reaction. Hence the demand of not impinging in any way the interests of the people and that all actions must have a clear and well-defined political sense. The masses make history.


People’s Liberation Army. We are advancing in raising its bellicosity. The three tasks: combat, mobilize and produce. "Fewer but better troops and a more simple administration".


Front-New State. We are advancing in selecting better targets of the revolution and winning over the masses of people, creating conditions for their incorporation into the United Front. Keep in mind the difference in classes which make up the Front and the targets of the revolution; the land question; the problems of the masses.

The People’s Committees have been maintained through storms and traversing a hard tempering, with advances in security and production.

The campaign for production starting from its planning. Let us be invincible in the ideological and material planes. Health and recreation.


May, 1996


Note: for the point (*), use as reference the Interview with Chairman Gonzalo, pg. 61 [Spanish Ed.--Tr.]: "A way out? We believe that they have no way out. Our understanding of the process of contemporary Peruvian society is that starting in 1980 bureaucrat capitalism has entered into its destruction, and as a result the whole system is falling apart, and they have no way out. And if we look at it, there’s a serious crisis, but also the two decades have come together back to back, the decade of the ‘80s and the decade of the ‘90s, both of them critical. They have no way out at all."



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