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The reaction is continuing with the aggravation of its problems and conflicts.

Fascism is not counterposed to presidential absolutism. What a faction of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie and some sectors of the comprador bourgeoisie today advocate is simply the passage from fascism to bourgeois democracy as before.

They say that the regime of Hermoza and Fujimori is a "dictatorship", but we know well that bourgeois democracy is also a form of dictatorship. Here, since the end of the last century, the Peruvian state has been a landlord-bureaucratic dictatorship which expresses itself in the form of a fascist government or as a bourgeois democracy (including intermediate forms).

We must warn the people because the reaction seeks to use them according to the interests of each faction. The people don’t need either fascism or bourgeois democracy. The people need a New Democracy, the expression of the Popular Dictatorship and this demands the destruction of the old state.

On the other hand, the fascist clique of Hermoza and Fujimori is using the border problems raised by Ecuador as a pretext to try and recuperate lost ground, smearing their opponents as anti-patriots. When all is said and done, it has never been the armed forces, but rather the people, who have always defended the borders. It is even worse since we know from the belly of the genocidal, country-selling beast that the current clique is returning the Ecuadorian prisoners of war, practically with military honors. Meanwhile, they persecute, torture and murder the sons of the people, and they even do it with members of their own army as in the case of the SIE (Army Intelligence Service) agent who was dismembered and another who was tortured until she was left an invalid.

We must continue unmasking the demagogic trafficking of Hermoza and Fujimori when they distribute crumbs to the people. With the pretext of "fighting poverty," they aim to muffle popular protest and win votes for the reelection of the "puppet." All of this is within the Yankee strategy of the so-called "low intensity warfare" (the berserk construction of highways is within this plan).

Thus inside the reaction their problems and conflicts aggravate, within the bosom of the people the revolutionary situation is advancing, there have been important mobilizations of masses in Lima and other cities against the fascist, genocidal and country-selling government. But here we must differentiate and see that the principal and most important thing is the development of the opposition, rejection and repudiation of the fascist regime headed by Hermoza, an opposition which grows more and more.

That is one aspect while the other is the desire of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie and others who wish to channel this popular protest to get the people to tail behind them.

We must unmask today’s fascist regime, which is the principal enemy, as well as the opportunists who seek to traffic with the popular struggles. We must not put ourselves at the tail of any faction of the big bourgeoisie; rather, we must develop our own course, the democratic course, the path of the people, with the People’s War as the principal form of struggle, coordinating it with the other forms of struggle which the masses of people develop.

The People’s War continues its development. The May offensive was very powerful in the countryside and the city, highlight Ayacucho.


June, 1997





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