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Agitation and armed propaganda

1/22/98:  The PLA adorns with flags the principal gate of the college Mesones Muro and the principal plaza of the neighborhood of Pishuaya. Slogan painting in various houses were carried out.

2/17/98: Combatants of the PLA intercepted transport vehicles, and the masses where mobilized and politicized nearby the town of Ramal de Cachiyacu, San Martín.

2/24/98: Combatants of the PLA intercepted vehicles nearby the village Cachiyacu-Tocache-San Martín on the Marginal highway. Slogan painting was carried out on them.

2/27/98: The PLA in the village "Los Cedros" Tocache-San Martín held a meeting with the masses.

2/27/98: The PLA intercepts and makes slogan painting on a vehicle owned by the company Distribuidora Sibarita Micasu ERL, nearby the towns of Nuevo Progreso and Madre Mía, Tocache-San Martín and the village of Cachiyacu-Tocache, on the Marginal highway.

3/13/98: The PLA in the locality of Puerto Pizana, La Pólvora-San Martín district, intercepted a vehicle, receiving the support of the masses for the People's War.

5/12/98: The PLA blocks the highway Marginal Norte, around Km 8, locality of Ramal de Aspuzana and Pucayacu-Tocache-San Martín.

5/13/98: The PLA carries out slogan painting between Km 7 and 8 of the Marginal highway in the direction of the locality of Tocache-San Martín; slogans refer to: Crush the Right Opportunist Line; M-L-M; Elections, No! People's War, Yes!; Freedom for Political Prisoners; Freedom for Prisoners of War; Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo.

5/27/98: The PLA, between the localities of Uchiza and Monzón, San Martín, on the Marginal highway, mobilizes and politicizes the masses of the area.

7/13/98: The PLA on the Marginal highway nearby the village Iscote, La Pólvora-Tocache-San Martín, intercepts vehicles and carries out slogan painting. In the town a mass assembly was carried out.

7/25-29: The PLA mobilized and politicized the population of Sion, Mariscal Cáceres-San Martín, against the self-defense committees. Afterwards they withdrew in the direction of the village El Valle-Campanilla.


Guerrilla Combat

2/17/98: Joint patrols of the police and army confronted a PLA company nearby the town Ramal de Cachiyacu, resulting in one wounded soldier.

3/26/98: An army patrol sustained a confrontation with a company of the PLA in the village La Unión, La Pólvora district, Tochache-San Martín province, causing four casualties to reaction.

3/28/98: The PLA in the village Nuevo Porvenir YAHUARACHI-district of Pólvora-province of Tocache-San Martín produced a confrontation causing casualties for reaction.

6/26/98: The PLA enters into the smaller population center of Bambamarca, Tocache-San Martín, where slogan painting is carried out and pro-Party propaganda is pasted up.

6/28/98: The PLA entered the village Sin Sin, the smaller population center of Bambamarca, Tocache-San Martín, carrying out slogan painting and pasting up posters.

7/8/98: A police patrol boat was harassed when it was deployed on the Huallabamba river between the sectors called Guayaquil and Monte Bravo-Huicungo-Mariscal Cáceres-San Martin, causing it material damage.

7/8/98: The PLA ambushes an army patrol on the outskirts of the locality Bambamarca-San Martín, causing three casualties.

7/31/98: A PLA company took the control post of Churo National Park of the Abiseo-Mariscal river Cáceres-San Martín.

8/8/98: The PLA led by the Party takes the Plaza de Armas de Saposoa, El Dorado-San Martín province. They harassed an installation of the National Police at Saposoa, carrying out slogan painting and leafleting. They wounded a police officer and two civilians, and three civilians died.

8/13/98: A confrontation between an Army and Police patrol against a PLA company occurred at the San Francisco stream, in the Regis-San Martín district.

8/13/98: The PLA and an Army patrol had a confrontation on the San Francisco stream, in the Regis-San Martín district. An Army officer was killed and one soldier wounded.


Selective Annihilation

3/24/98: PLA combatants gathered the population of the village Neuva Arequipa, in the Nuevo Progreso-Tocache district, where a collaborator was annihilated.

3/27/98: The PLA in the village "Fray Martín" at Nuevo Progreso, Tocache-San Martín province, annihilated two collaborators.

5/6/98: The PLA enters into the village La Merced Ishanga, Tocache-San Martín, where they gathered the masses in the Central Plaza and a thief was annihilated.

5/9/98: The PLA enters into the village La Merced Ishanga, Tocache-San Martín, with the aim of annihilating a collaborator.

6/2/98: The PLA annihilates a collaborator in the village Bellavista-San Martín.

6/28/98: The PLA in Puerto Alto Magote, Tocache-Nuevo Progreso-San Martín, annihilates two informers who had infiltrated the PCP.

7/3/98: The PLA, on board of a truck, harassed an Army control post in Tocache-San Martín.

8/8/98: The PLA takes the district of Pasarraya-El Dorado-San Martín (an hour and a half from the city of Saposa) in which they annihilate a provincial mayor of Huallaga. At the same time, slogan painting was done.




Agitation and propaganda

3/24/98: The PLA carried out armed agitation and propaganda actions in the sports field of the locality of Santa Lucía, in the district of José C y Castillo-Huánuco.

5/4/98: The PLA blocks the Marginal highway nearby the locality of Puente Pacae Aucayacu-José Crespo y Castillo-Huánuco, detaining public transportation vehicles and doing politicizing. Afterwards they withdrew in the direction of the village Alto Pacae.

5/20/98: The PLA carries out road blocks in the Marginal highway . Nearby the locality Puente Durand Chinchao o Chinchavito, Acomayo-Huánuco. A police van was harassed which occasionally passed through the area.

6/25/98: The PLA takes the town of Pampas, Padre Abad, Aguaytía-Huánuco. The masses are politicized.


Guerrilla combat

2/14/98: A police patrol was blown up by booby-traps, annihilating a policeman and wounding several of them in the locality of Fundo Rico, José Crespo y Castillo-Leoncio Prado-Huánuco.

3/4/98: The town of Honorio Delgado, Pachitea province, Puerto Inca-Huánuco is taken.

3/21/98: The PLA sustained a confrontation with the Army in the village Río Frío, Angashyacu, Aucayacu, in the province of Leoncio Prado, Huánuco.

4/19/98: The central town of Palo Huimba-Monzón-Huamalíes, Huánuco is taken. The population is gathered together with goal of carrying out a popular assembly.

4/24/98: Taking of the village Sachabaca, Monzón-Huamalíes-Huánuco, and roadblocks of the highway which leads from that place. Slogan painting is done on the vehicles with guiding slogans of the PCP. Two Army soldiers are captured, who are later freed.

4/26/98: An army patrol is ambushed which was being deployed in a vehicle in the vicinity of the village of Palo Huimba-Monzón-Huamalíes-Huánuco. Two soldiers and three civilians are wounded.

5/22/98: The town of Puente Durand, Chinchao-Acomayo-Huánuco is taken, slogan painting is carried out.

5/23/98: The village Maliqui Puente Durand-Chinchao-Leoncio Prado-Huánuco is taken, and a popular assembly is carried out with the local inhabitants. In the same way, the Marginal highway is blocked, and foodstuffs are confiscated from a truck. Afterwards they retreated in the direction of the heights of the province of Acomayo.

6/2/98: In Puente Voladizo, Chinchao-Leoncio Prado-Huánuco the PLA ambushes two Police vehicles in circumstances while they were heading towards the city of Huánuco, resulting in material damages to the vehicles and four casualties.

6/3/98: The PLA in the sector of Bella Alta, Mariano Dámaso Beraún-Leoncio Prado-Huánuco, carries out harassment actions against a Police patrol.

7/12/98: A military patrol in Tocache is ambushed in a sector of the locality of Paraíso Cholón, Marañón-Huánuco. A soldier is killed.

8/15/98: A military patrol that is deployed in the vicinity of the village Rondos, Monzón-Leoncio Prado-Huánuco, confronted a platoon of the PLA.


Selective annihilation

2/5/98: The village of Santa Lucía-Tulumayo is taken and an informer is annihilated.

2/28/98: The village Angashyacu, on the Marginal highway, in the province of Leoncio Prado-TM is taken. The masses are mobilized and politicized for the "CONQUEST OF POWER", "LIBERATION OF CHAIRMAN GONZALO", and the "CRITICISM OF FAMILY PLANNING". At the same time slogan painting on the walls of houses was done with the slogans "DEFEND THE LIFE OF CHAIRMAN GONZALO", "PEOPLE'S WAR UNTIL COMMUNISM", "FREEDOM FOR POLITICAL PRISONERS", among others. Afterwards, a People's Court tried two informers who were later killed.

3/6/98: The PLA blocks and intercepts vehicles on the Marginal highway nearby the village Mohena, Angashyacu province in Leoncio Prado-TM. Later slogans were painted on the vehicles, among them "LONG LIVE CHAIRMAN GONZALO", "FREEDOM FOR POLITICAL PRISONERS" and stickers with the slogans: "FREEDOM FOR POLITICAL PRISONERS" and "FREEDOM FOR PRISONERS OF WAR". Afterwards they proceeded to burn a vehicle belonging to the business Electrocentrosa. In that same armed action an SIE informer was annihilated.

3/7/98: The town of Pueblo de Cahua Huánuco is taken and the justice of the peace is annihilated.

4/1/98: The highway nearby Puente Pacae, José Crespo y Castillo-Leoncio Prado-Huánuco district is blockaded. A popular assembly is realized in order to subsequently annihilate the Chairman of the Development Committee of that locality.

4/22/98: The village Huagracancha Ratacocha, Santa María del Valle-Huanuco is taken, where a lumpen element and an informer for the forces of order are annihilated.

5/98: The village El Porvenir de Morona, Daniel Alomía Robles (also known as Padre Felipe Luyando) Leoncio Prado-Huánuco where an informer is annihilated.

5/28/98: The PLA enters into the village Puente Durand, Chinchao-Leoncio Prado-Huánuco and annihilates a collaborator.

5/28/28: The village of Puente Pacae, Marginal highway, between Tingo María and Aucayacu is taken and an informer annihilated.

7/7/98: The PLA intercepted various transport vehicles in the vicinity of Puente Durand, Chinchao-Huánuco, carrying out slogan painting on them.

7/14/98: The village of Santa Ana o Río Santa Monzón, Huamalíes-Huánuco was taken, where the lieutenant governor was annihilated.

7/26/98: The PLA annihilated an informer in the Huancaturpa sector, the smaller population center of Piquiray, Umari-Pachitea-Huanuco.



7/25/98: PLA combatants carried out actions in the Pacae, Angashyacu and Rio Frío sectors in the district of José Crespo and Castillo, Leoncio Prado-Huánuco. The high-voltage towers No. 106, 107 and 108 were demolished by cutting the electrical current in Aucayadu. At the same time, slogan paintings were carried out on the façade of the Education Center No. 152682, Angashyacu, with words referring to "DON'T VOTE", "DEFEND THE LIFE OF CHAIRMAN GONZALO", "FREEDOM FOR THE POLITICAL PRISONERS", "WE DEMAND THAT CHAIRMAN GONZALO BE ALLOWED TO APPEAR ON TELEVISION AND THAT HIS RELATIVES BE ALLOWED TO VISIT HIM", "FREEDOM FOR POLITICAL PRISONERS AND PRISONERS OF WAR".




Agitation and armed propaganda

1/16/98: The Boquerón Aguaytía-Padre Abad-Ucayali locality is taken, mobilizing and politicizing the masses.

3/15/98: The Federico Basadre highway is blockaded on kilometer 177 in a 180-meter long stretch. Slogan painting is carried out.

5/13/98: The PLA moves a long the Santa Ana river, Padre Abad-Ucayali, politicizing the masses.

6/10/98: Around kilometer 136 of the Frederico Basadre Highway is blockaded, an area known as Leche Vinagre, mobilizing and politicizing the masses.

6/18/98: The Santo Tomás (or San Pedro) Aguaytía-Padre Abad-Ucayali sector is taken, and a popular assembly is carried out.

7/7/98: Slogan painting is done in village Guacamayo, around kilometer 155.

7/8/98: Blockades and slogan paintings in both directions of the Frederico Basadre highway, around kilometer 196, in the vicinities of Puente Previsto, Padre Abad-Ucayali.

7/23/98: In the village Tangaraná Aguaytía Padre Abad-Ucayali the masses were mobilized and politicized.


Guerrilla combat

5/1/98: The lumber camp on the edge of the Paujil river in Ucayali is taken.

5/26/98: Two police vehicles are ambushed around the Guacamay bridge, kilometer 153 of the Federico Basadre highway in Padre Abad-Ucayali. Damage to the vehicles and three policemen were wounded as a result.

6/6/98: An ambush of a police patrol resulted in a confrontation around kilometer 138 of the Federico Basadre highway, in the smaller population center of San Pedro de Chío, District Irazola, Padre Abad-Ucayali. Consequently, a Police officer was wounded and the vehicles were partially burned.

6/10/98: The town of San Pedro, kilometer 47 Federico Basadre highway, Campo Verde-province Coronel Portillo-Ucayali district was taken. A People's School was carried out with the presence of all the inhabitants of the town.

7/10/98: For 12 minutes the Police and Marine installations (located in front of the police station) was harassed in the locality Alexander Von Humboldt, kilometer 86, Federico Basadre highway-Padre Abad, Aguaytía.


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