Proletarians of all countries, unite!




Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru

Red Banner

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October 2001

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Long Live the XXI anniversary of the People's War!

    The Central Committee raises its full and unconditional greeting and subjection to our Great Leadership [Jefatura], Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader [Jefe] of the Party and the Revolution, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the Earth; likewise we extend our greeting to each and every one of the leaders, cadres and members of the Communist Party of Peru, as well as to the combatants of the People's Liberation Army, to the People's Committees and to the masses that work with us, and to the people in general, on the XXI anniversary of the People's War in its inexorable march to Communism, inevitable final goal, brilliant perspective. People's War sustained in our all-powerful and undefeated ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought; and which today is carrying out the military plans established and led by the Party. People's War which is conquering overwhelming victories over Yankee imperialism, reaction and revisionism of every kind in this part of the bend in the road firmly applying Gonzalo Thought to solve new situations.

    We reaffirm ourselves in that the People's War that the Party leads, has not stopped for a single minute; the Party is never paralyzed for it is clear about the course to follow, for it has unity in Chairman Gonzalo's Great Leadership, in the Basis of Party Unity, in the People's War, in the Plan of Strategic Development, thus the People's War cannot be ceased, the leadership may even be made to disappear, in part, not all of it, but the leaders that would remain must and can continue the plans, the struggle, the People's War; we are forged in that you cannot detain revolution, it cannot be paralyzed, Chairman Mao taught: "let us gather our dead, cure our wounded and continue fighting".

    The Peruvian revolution, as part of World Revolution, by developing people's war, serves the New Great Wave of World Proletarian Revolution, crushing the sinister counterrevolutionary offensive headed by Yankee imperialism. Today the people's war is being applied in an overwhelming and earthshaking way in Nepal and Turkey, in an obvious way showing how Maoism is going ahead to command the New Great Wave of World Proletarian Revolution applying the highest military theory developed by the proletariat under the leadership of a Communist Party.

    The task of the Party and of the people is to construct the conquest of power. If we look at the situation of the Party and the increasing explosiveness of the masses, justly and correctly analyzed and specified in our Program; a construction which develops amidst the People's War holding our red and unfading banners of communism high at the top in the people's committees, which imperialism and the genocidal fascist Armed Forces (AF) and their cronies in the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line (ROL) failed in their attempts to drown the New Power in blood in the Principal Regional Committee, as well as in the other Regional Committees, their indiscriminate bombings, assistance, incursions, donations of foodstuffs, elections, Yankee advisors in the countryside and in the city, the snitching paid and given incentive to by the CIA* for the repentant ones as well as for the military themselves, all this centered on the genocide, served them for nothing; showing for the entire world that the new power of the proletariat can only be conquered and defended with the military theory of the proletariat: the People's War.

Revolution the main tendency

    The revolution expresses its condition of being main tendency spurred on by counterrevolution itself. If we look at the Gulf war, Yankee imperialism is unfolding as hegemonic superpower; Russia is attempting to take advantage of the conflict in order to make order internally and win positions abroad. The contention and collusion continues to take place between the superpowers and powers, the collusion expresses itself as principal, but the contention is underlying and is expressed; the powers line up with Yankee imperialism. Iraq is an oppressed nation, we reaffirm ourselves in the support of the Arab people, differentiating between the hegemonic plans of Hussein and the imperialist aggression; what Yankee imperialism has applied is an occupation of the Arab people, razing peoples to the ground and acting as gendarme; this giant on feet of clay, is dividing the Arab people, inciting wars, all this for the sake of its consolidation as gendarme in the world and the rotten and callous CIA agent Arafat, and the Zionists, lend themselves to this. In the same way in the countries that were part of the Soviet Union, they set up governments, and armed organizations with the aim of cutting off Russia, the same in Yugoslavia, all this orchestrated and paid by the CIA, the sustenance of which is drug trade for the arms trade, which they use in order to topple governments and set up counterrevolutionary armed apparatuses. All these counterrevolutionary actions led by Yankee imperialism, are within the logic of generating disturbances in order to fail, for the people always the people is going to defend as it has done and even more so because today Maoism is being embodied in the peoples of the world. The people's wars in Nepal and Turkey are taking up a great responsibility. Imperialism shows itself being impotent, as Maoism in a vigorous way with people's war, with the barrels of the guns, is being imposed no matter who is offended by this: to all the imperialists, reactionaries, revisionists and capitulators; and here in our fatherland to these miserable revisionist capitulators of the ROL, who in their black dreams thought that the People's War would end, we say NO! The People's War is developing here and in the world! Thus the proletariat is advancing hoisting red banners with the hammer and sickle, reality has blown their revisionist vomit of "peace accords" up in the air, counterrevolutionary hoax set up by the CIA, which ended by being unmasked and demolished inside and outside of the country in some members of the CoRIM who repeated the perverted imputations against our GREAT LEADERSHIP, which ominous revisionist positions we condemn and reject.

    Imperialism is striving towards a III world war, it is positioning itself in different parts of the world, it is part of its readjustment in its new order, it would be an imperialist war of plunder to divide up the world again, it is using the empty talk of "Democracy", "Liberty" and "terrorism" in order to intervene in different parts of the world, what lies with the international proletariat, is to uphold and apply people's war in order to defend and conquer power.

    Likewise we denounce the genocide that this incubated, newly bred government, nourished by the USA-OAS, is applying against the prisoners of war in the different prisons to this end they rest themselves on the miserable ones of the ROL who call themselves "leaders" in order to inform on the prisoners of war. Miserable capitulators who will pay with interest for the harm they are originating, the same with the AF, fascist genocidal jackals who are harassing and persecuting the relatives, this will not go unpunished, the word of the Party has never been belied.

    Finally, the Party, firmly taking up its responsibility, calls to celebrate the anniversary of our People's War with actions, within the plans established by each Committee, with the imprint of the Party.

Long Live Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the Revolution!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought!

Long Live the People's War!

Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!

People's War until Communism!

Defend the life of the prisoners of war with People's War!

Long Live Maoism! Down with revisionism!



May, 2001

PCP-Central Committee

* EN: Yankee imperialism's Central Intelligence Agency.




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